Guy Woods Sooke BC 642wear

For everyone that wants to know why the entire south Island guitar community IS PISSED at guy woods #guywoods from 642wear in Sooke I'll tell you. last year when I closed my music store I had a disagreement with the landlord because he owed me $4,000 in repairs I had done to the building and he did not renew my lease and never paid me back. So we had an argument about that and I ended up leaving the spot. Guy Woods moved his clothing store in there immediately afterwards. I didn't know guy woods from a hole in the ground except that he's a rapper in Sooke and I even supported him by putting up his posters in my music store. But other than that I didn't know him at all.

He came on my Facebook page for my music store and gave me two bad reviews from him and his wife saying I was a heroin junkie and no one should bring their kids to me for guitar lessons. He went on to say that I trashed the place and left it a mess and ruined the hardwood floors but Mr Guy Woods has no clue that everything he listed off was already Damage Done To That shithole before I moved in. In fact I spent $4,000 of my money at Time and Labor on that crappy place and got nothing back for it. Guy Woods went on my Facebook page and completely trashed my reputation as a music teacher unprovoked for no reason, I had never done anything to guy Woods or any of his friends and I didn't even really know him. Guy Woods didn't care that he permanently damaged my reputation.

Two months went by and he didn't do anything despite how many emails I sent him asking him why he would do this to me and to take those reviews down. After 2 months of no response my only choice was to trash his reputation on the internet until he came around and decided that it was in his best interest to do the right thing. He came and tried to apologize to me at a gas station but his pathetic apology to me made no difference to the damage he had done to my reputation in the town of Sooke. I told him that because he apologized to me I would take the Facebook page down I made mocking him and I did so, but I said your pathetic apology is not enough to repair the damage you've done to my reputation in this town.

So I told him he could go on his Facebook page make an apology and tell everyone in Sooke he lied about me and then share that on Sooke social. He refused. So guy Woods is not willing to Do the right thing and tell people he lied about me publicly, he just wants it to go away and thought his pathetic little apology was enough. Since then I haven't done much about it but I found out recently that guy Woods said a lot of lies to my ex-girlfriend behind my back and is part of the reason we ended up breaking up. He posted a horrible disgusting thing about me on some cheater website saying I'm a bi cheater and cheat on my girlfriends with a gay app, and pretended to be some one I dated. He sent that to my ex. We are no longer together, despite how much I loved her, Guy Woods destroyed my relationship.

Since then guy Woods has been bad-mouthing me around town and has recently just ruined a friendship I had with a girl in Sooke. He told her that I'm a psychopath and she should stay away from me and it caused a really big fight and a really big deal. So guy Woods continues to try to ruin my friendships, my family, my relationships, my business, my everything. And I never did a thing to this guy ever. This started a year ago and it's completely guy Woods fault and he deserves every little bit of karma that's coming his way.

People wonder why am I posting this on my own websites when I could be losing customers and new students right now? Because I have nothing left. I have hit rock-bottom. I am tired of walking around the town of Sooke and having people glare at me and ignore me and tell lies about me who used to be good friends or students, or their families. I'm sick of not being able to make a single friend in this town because Guy Woods purposely destroys every friendship and every relationship I have or try to have. His bully technique of getting all his 642wear "fans" to listen to his lies as he leads them into a vendetta against me will stop today. The truth will prevail. The truth will set me free.

SO many people who used to love me as a teacher and a friend in Sooke scowl at me now. Guy Woods tells people I'm a creep, a sicko, just this week I've heard he's been telling people I hang around the high school and look at little girls. Why post this ? because I have nothing left to lose. I have lost every friend, every student, can't get new ones because people listen to his lies and slander that HE started over a year ago. And I'm tired of it.

I am trying to get money together to put my music school back together so I don't have to teach out of my house, but thanks to Guy Woods I can't get hardly any students, My rating on facebook and google dropped because those reviews he posted which were 100% lies and 100% unprovoked permenantly damaged my star rating, despite having the reviews finally removed 2 months after, the star rating and google rating never returned.

Why now ? Why is Guy Woods trying to convince everyone that I'm some lunitic who has just suddenly decided to attack his business now out of the blue like he never did a thing to me ?

Because he ruined yet another friendship for me on purpose just a week ago, and I haven't been posting or doing anything to him since I posted a year ago and removed it from facebook. And this is now 7 months after he ruined my relationship. Another new friend gone, thanks to Guy Woods.

I told Guy Woods after HE threw the first stone over a year ago that I would take the websites down too as soon as he made that effort to repair my reputation in Sooke on facebook. He flat out refused and walked away. Started saying he's getting a lawyer and blah blah blah. Sue me for what ? the coins in my guitar case when I try to make some money to rebuild the business he destroyed for me ? And how ? I have all the screenshots of him slandering me first for no reason over a year ago, and now he's trying to pretend I'm attacking him randomly out of the blue for no reason.

He lies to everyone to lead them into some new lynch mob against me when he is the one who is at fault and I can prove it. Guy Woods is nothing but a big bully who is angry that I won't go away like most people that are intimidated ( or have something left to lose ).

I can assure you his lies of getting a lawer and sueing me is not only a joke, but I hope he tries. I have all the proof I need. I will defend myself in court against his expensive lawyer and I will win and seek restitution by court order for repairing MY business, and of course my legal fees and time. I have nothing left, so I will defend myself now in this town, get the truth out, and I'll defend myself in court too if need be. But I know Guy Woods is just lying, he's never even called the police or a lawer as he claims, because he know what he did, he knows I have the proof and witnesses, and he knows he's going to lose and I'll seek restitution and I will get it.

Why am I doing this now ? Because I've hit rock bottom. My life has been complete shit all because of Guy Woods for over a year now. I can't get a break. I lost my shop, barely get by, and here comes Guy Woods AGAIN , totally unprovoked AGAIN, and ruins another new friendship for me just last week. I'm done. I'm done walking around Sooke letting everyone believe I'm some creep because of Guy Woods. It's time for eveyone to know the truth. Some of Guy's "friends" have engaged in criminal activity and assault, and one of them was even arrested at gun point by the Sooke RCMP at my house 9 years ago after assaulting me while all neighbors watched. I'm DONE with being abused by these punks and letting them get off with no charges, and slandering me for a year thinking I wouldn't fight back. What do I want? I want my life back. So Guy Woods is going to have to accept that I can use 642 what ever I want to lead people to my page here, and if he doesn't like it perhaps he should finally make an effort to stop destroying my reputation and do the right thing. Tell Sooke he lied about everything and he purposely slandered me until I had no reputation as a teacher or even as a human being anymore in this town.

I have a lot of friends in high places that respect me as a musician and a teacher and I've helped people repair their lives, get off drugs, go the right route and play music. I've saved a lot of Souls and I didn't deserve to have my business reputation , relationships and friendships purposely destroyed by Guy Woods. A lot of people don't know me in this town and they believe him when he tells people that I'm a junkie or a psychopath or whatever lies he's telling about me this week despite the fact that I've never done hard drugs ever in my life. Guy Woods goes around town and makes me look like a junkie psychopath creep, and people believe it because everybody thinks he's so cool around here and nobody knows me and I'm sick of it. Well Guy Woods, karma is a bitch. now that I've shared my story on here and on the guitar forums I'm sure they'll be plenty of bad karma coming your way. And you deserve it. Cuz you're a fucking jerk Guy Woods.

642 wear Sooke BC Canada